The right partner to transform and unlock more value for your operations leveraging your industrial data

We have proven track record to support you in the followoing topics:

  • Definition of your data strategy (new business model, connected plants / products, data/AI to know better your customers and/or optimise your operations & processes)
  • Data/ AI Use case generation driven by business value
  • Qualification of data / AI use cases
  • Development & implementation of use cases such as predictive quality, predictive maintenance and more.
  • Consulting in data architecture, data management, move to cloud

When it comes to data use cases implementation, we can support you along all the data value chain (see below).

Databold provides capabilities that cover your end-to-end needs, expertise and data chain

Data Acquisition

We ensure your machine's Connectivity for real time data collection thanks to our polyvalent IIoT gateway. We are able to connect to different types of machines of different ages. We are also able to augment your legacy machines with additional sensors to serve your needs / use cases.

Data Visualisation and Alerting

With our toolbox apps, we provide real-time visualisation of your assets health to allow monitoring. We can also configure alerting thresholds on critical parameters of your process to be notified before it is too late.

Advanced Data Analytics

We provide pre-built machine learning models to accelerate your predictive models and solve your most pressing use cases around assets maintenance and predictive quality.

Industrial Equipments Maintenance

Conditional maintenance, Predictive maintenance

Overall Equipments Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE visualisation & simulation

Quality Prevention and Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC), Key Process Parameters (KPP), Scrap avoider


Who we are ?

Databold has been created by an international team of highly experienced Digital Transformation professionals from data and industrial operations backgrounds. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, we help mid-cap companies unlock the full potential of data through a rapid and bolder deployment experience. We also provide a hybrid mix of expertise in operation excellence and data / artificial intelligence technologies

Hadi Mahihenni
Hadi Mahihenni
Co-Founder & CEO

Hadi graduated from Ecole des Mines de Paris (2008) and Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal. He has been since working in various industries (eg. process industries at Air Liquide and Lafarge) and sectors (from construction materials to aerospace). He has also been advising large industrial clients on their data transformation (ex-Director at Capgemini Invent) and how to develop and scale their business use cases leveraging data and AI. His main focus is on Digital Manufacturing (predictive maintenance, predictive quality, energy analytics, AI for logistics, ..) with more than 50+ use cases track records.

Key competencies
  • Data/AI Transformation Strategy & implementation in industrial context
  • Operational Transformation Strategy & Implementation
  • New business models (powered by digital) and business case
  • Lean Manufacturing, 6 sigma
  • Data x AI x Operations use cases (eg. predictive maintenance, quality, logistics, process mining ..etc.)
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Guillaume Bonhomme
Guillaume Bonhomme
Co-Founder & CTO

Guillaume graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X) and Ecole des Mines de Paris (2013). He has been working in various industries from transport, aerospace to real estate as Strategy consultant (ex. Cylad consulting) and as Data Science director at BureauxLocaux (Paris).

Key competencies
  • Data science and mathematical modelling
  • Data analytics and visualisation
  • Project management
  • Data x AI x operations use cases (eg. purchasing performance, operational performance)
  • Real estate, e-Commerce data science
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