Databold provides capabilities that cover your end-to-end needs, expertise and data chain

Data Acquisition

We ensure your machine's Connectivity for real time data collection thanks to our polyvalent IIoT gateway. We are able to connect to different types of machines of different ages. We are also able to augment your legacy machines with additional sensors to serve your needs / use cases.

Data Visualisation and Alerting

With our toolbox apps, we provide real-time visualisation of your assets health to allow monitoring. We can also configure alerting thresholds on critical parameters of your process to be notified before it is too late.

Advanced Data Analytics

We provide pre-built machine learning models to accelerate your predictive models and solve your most pressing use cases around assets maintenance and predictive quality.

Industrial Equipments Maintenance

Conditional maintenance, Predictive maintenance

Overall Equipments Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE visualisation & simulation

Quality Prevention and Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC), Key Process Parameters (KPP), Scrap avoider