Data Strategy and Consulting

  • Data strategy definition: new business model, connected plants / products, data/AI to better know your customers and/or optimise your operations & processes
  • Data/ AI use cases generation and qualification driven by business value

Industry 4.0

  • Industrial data model definition to enable Industry 4.0 use cases
  • Statistical process control (control charts, six-sigma, key process parameters)
  • Quality control (scrap avoidance) and predictive maintenance (OEE)

Machine Learning / AI

  • Data acquisition & fusion from multiple sources (sensors, measurement tools such as laser tracker, 3D scan…)
  • Data processing, visualization and alerting
  • State-of-the-art models: ML for prediction or classification, pose estimation (computer vision)

Systems Modelling

  • Operational Research and optimization
  • Mathematical & physical models to enable digital twin use cases
  • Software / hardware design